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  • All of our team members are W2 employees

    Unlike a lot of apps that match your job request with multiple bids and contractors-for-hire, all of our team members are our actual employees. There are no 3rd parties involved.

  • We carry general and professional liability insurance

    We carry a $1M general liability insurance policy, as well as a $20k professional liability insurance policy. All of our vehicles are also insured up to $100k for injury & property, and uninsured motorist.

  • All of our cleaning products are natural or plant-based

    Almost all of the cleaning products we use are powered by pure therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living. The rest are 100% natural and/or plant-based. Everything we use is safe to clean around children and pets.

  • We don't accept tips but we sure like compliments

    All of our team members are compensated with competitive wages, well above the industry average. While we don't accept tips, we do ask instead that you leave a positive review on Facebook.


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